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Microsoft OST File: OST files are the offline Storage folders that are formed in the Outlook client machine when they are connected with the Exchange server. The OST files allow the facility to work offline when the server is in off mode. Working offline is useful in unreliable and limited network environment. Outlook creates an exact replica of your user mailbox on Exchange Server, when you are offline. OST file is the replica of the folders of a user on Exchange. The OST files allows actions like receive and sent mail while away from server collaborated environment and once the connection is re established with the server the changes and alterations will be synchronized with the server mailbox, which is the actual mailbox created by the user.

Microsoft PST File: PST files are Personal storage files formed in Outlook when it is in standalone condition, that is, when Outlook used machine is working independently, not being collaborated under Exchange server environment. The PST files are useful in storing data in the Outlook with a storage capacity of 2GB with the Unicode and more with ANSI.

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OST files and PST files when compared for a debate like Microsoft OST vs Microsoft PST, then the main difference that can be stated is OST files become unusable when the Exchange server crashes leading to the downtime of the business, but with the PST file no issues with the Exchange server crash or downtime can happen as it is completely independent of server environment. OST file when become unusable can be used if it is converted to the PST format.

Microsoft OST vs Microsoft PST Converter

The OST files become unusable when any corruption scenario happened with either the file or Exchange server, blocking the accessibility of the file content. To save the data from being lost and to maintain the workflow, convert OST file to PST with the amazing tool OST Recovery. Microsoft OST vs Microsoft PST software comes with qualities and peculiarities that are unique and beneficiary for the user who opts to perform the process of Ost into PST conversion.

Peculiarities of Peculiar Tool: Microsoft OST vs Microsoft PST

  • Recover and Converts data from OST file to formats like PST, EML, and MSG
  • Under any kind of corruption and severe Exchange server crash situations recovery and conversion of OST file data possible
  • Runs successfully with the Outlook editions ( 2000 to 2010)
  • Even the deletion of mailbox items and folders that damages the files can make OST file inaccessible and under this situation also OST Recovery tool can work well
  • Microsoft PST file format stored data from the Microsoft OST file can be accessible even when exchange server is down

    Get the software for a nominal amount and get the functionalities that make the conversion process an easy to execute and perform one.

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